Sunday, December 25, 2011

Small Break! And the 2012 WIPocalypse~

So, I've finished one class in school, and I'm close to finishing two others. I'm working on catching up my third class, and then I'll have three left to catch up. 6 classes left. Woot.
I'm going to be done awfully soon, and it's going to rock. I have lots and lots of stitching and writing planned.

Aside from that, I did manage to squeeze in some stitching recently (mainly because I've been procrastinating. Haha.)
Holly Angel:
SK Ice Wind:

Yup, that's all the stitching I've done.
I have, however, signed up for the WIPocalypse. Check out my page (to the right of this post) to see more about it. ^-^ I'm looking forward to that, hopefully I'll get a couple of finishes before I go to college in August. Well, I'm back to homework. Bye!



  1. Thanks for joining the WIPocalypse for next year! I wanted to confirm I have you on the participant list (and I'm following your blog too). Looking forward to seeing your progress!

  2. Hey Raine! I started following your blog when I signed up for the WIPocalypse and saw your blog on the sign-up list :-) Your stitching looks great! I look forward to seeing more soon!