WIPocalypse 2012

So the entire idea belongs to Measi and I thought I'd just jump in for the ride. All the information can be found on her blog.

But so far this is my WIP List for WIPocalypse. Everything is a HAED. Haha. Yup, I'm a HAED snob. >__<

  • QS Holly Angel - Jasmine Becket-Griffith  (1.5/9 pages complete)
  • SK Ice Wind (2011 SAL) - Linda Tso (.2/4 pages complete)
  • Fire Moon - Nene Thomas (.001/48 pages complete)
  • Stolen - Rachel Marks (.15/16 pages complete)
  • QS Blue Rose (2011 SAL) - Meredith Dillman (.45/6 pages complete)
  • *Bella's Sea Monkey - Hannah Lynn (.4/36 pages complete)
  • *QS Fragile Heart (2011 SAL) - Hannah Lynn (.9/6 pages complete)
  • QS Lovers (2012 SAL) - Nene Thomas
  • QS Black Winter Day - Rebecca Sinz
 Key:  Started      Kitted       Not Kitted Yet       Finished

The star (*) means it was started by my mom, and then given to me because she didn't want to do them anymore.

There will be more to come more than likely, I would not be surprised. I have a bunch of stuff sitting in a corner (a lot of it I snatched from my mom because she wasn't going to do it any time soon. /grin/)

Also, you can see more detailed updates of all of these at Stitching Delights .