Friday, June 1, 2012

Camp NaNoWriMo

So this year I decided to participate in Camp NaNoWriMo, which started today. I already got my word count, so I'm not procrastinating. I promise. Haha.

Buuttt, I wanted to put up a teaser to the coming novel "Hunting the Lost", which is the one I'm writing for Camp. So~ Enjoy. ^-^ But first, have a picture of the cover, which was made for me by a fellow wrimo.

"Tiffany let out a tired sigh and collapsed onto her couch, one leg hanging over the arm and the other still touching the floor. Her arms were tossed over her eyes in an attempt to block out the light of the lamp. She was so tired recently, probably because more and more spirits had been showing up and bothering her at late hours of the night.
That's right. Tiffany Aberdeen, drama teacher and medium extraordinaire."

"Gene, just call me Gene,” he interrupted.
Ah, sure. I'm Tiffany by the way. Anyway, as I was saying, why are you still astral projecting? It gets dangerous if you're out too long,” she said.
He nodded slightly. “I know, but I can't actually find my body,” he said, a frown tugging at his mouth. A very shapely mouth if she might add... no! Focus Tiffany!"

"Gene?” she asked.
He stared at her, offering a comforting smile – though there was obvious fear in his eyes – before he vanished completely.
A shudder rolled across her body and she was frozen for a few minutes as dread just crashed on her in waves. What pulled him away like that? There was no way that anything had gotten in, she had wards... but then again he got in... perhaps he had just found his body. But that didn't explain the fear in his eyes."

There's your teasers. Hope you liked them. ^-^
Raine out~ ^-^

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