Monday, June 25, 2012

Nickelback Concert

Alright, so last night I went and saw Nickelback, Seether, Bush, and My Darkest Days in concert for a graduation present from my second family. I must say, it was almost better than going to chicago or the TSO concerts I've been too. (Though nothing will be better than the Yakima, WA concert for TSO, that was epic.)

Nickelback was DEFINITELY the star of the show last night, seeing as they had pyrotechnics, I think fireworks, and a FLYING STAGE. Yes, you read that right. A flying stage. They dropped it from the ceiling and the entire band went on it, were lifted above the mosh pit, and went in circles. I have a few pictures, but I spent most of the concert dancing and singing along. I actually lost my voice because of it (and screaming for an encore), so it's a bit hard to talk today. xD Apparently though, we were one of the best audiences they've had, because the lead singer of Nickelback suggested that they get everyone in the crowd tickets to Australia so that we could go with them. He was seriously procrastinating leaving the stage, and it was awesome.

Personally, I'm a big fan of the Australia idea. Haha. I want to visit Australia~ <3

Anyway... pictures! And a few crappy videos (my camera wasn't very good from the nosebleed seats). Enjoy! (And be jealous about the fact you weren't there. It was AWESOME)

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