Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year~

Happy new year everyone~
It's going great so far for me. I spent the first of the year shopping with my cousin and having a girl's day out. It was fun. Got a bunch of things that I needed (sadly none of it stitching related) and had a whole bunch of fun riding around on the free bus that was provided.
I got shoes~ Three pairs of em. (Me? A girl? Says who? lol :D )

In other news, I have two classes left to catch up with which isn't that bad after spending four days working and the day before work I was sick with the stomach flu that had been passing around. Stomach flu = not fun at all.

Have the 2012 SAL page ready to print too, and I'm excited to start it. The first page has the girl's face and I'm all like "squeeeee right to the point!!!" Sooo yeah. Minute I finish school guess which stitching project is getting started? Haha. Yup. QS Lovers. Bwahahahaha.

Soo, on to the not so happy part of what's going on. A close friend of mine is getting bullied by a boy who asked her out (she sort of turned him down. Willing to go on dates, but not be a girlfriend because we're going to college in the fall and he's just a freshman) and had to talk to the cops today because he threatened (and attempted) suicide.
Possibly keep her in your thoughts? She needs some help right now, she's pretty much having a meltdown over it.
Personally I want to punch him... but I can't... because the cops are already dealing with him. /grumbles/

Alright, I'm headin' back to school work. The mother would kill me if she knew I was doing this instead of working on Econ. (Did I mention I hate econ? I think I did in a post a while ago. Haha.) Ciao!


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