Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Plays, Markets, and Concerts, Oh My

Okay, so once again I disappeared off the face of the planet. For a couple months anyway. I haven't really been stitching/writing/anything a whole lot though, I've been doing a lot of play practice (until recently). The play is going well, I'm freaking out that we have less than three weeks and way too much to do though. We're not  ready, we're not even close to ready, and I don't know how much we'll actually be able to do because this weekend I go visit my college, and next weekend is the show!
I'm scared that it isn't going to make it. /paces floor/
We have eleven days, and we still have to finish choreographing, learning said choreography, and blocking the show. @-@ Oi, my head hurts from thinking about it. Ugh.
So yeah, no clue if the play will make it. ( I really hoped that it would. T-T )
However, I am thinking about setting up a stall at the local farmers market for little amigurimi dolls. Wouldn't that be exciting? Not mention it would pull in some extra cash. /hums/
Oh oh, but last friday (the 6th) I went and saw Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Beethoven's Last Night tour. OMG that was FREAKING AMAZING!!!! ... Ahem... anyway. Yeah. That was fun. ^-^ I got a t-shirt, and then got it signed by the band. The only one that wasn't there was Paul O'Niel, though I think if I met him I would fall over and die a twitchy death. Yup, it would be a very twitchy death. Lol.
And uhm... well I think that's it for now. Should be anyway.
Bye bye for now!

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