Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Gettin' Started

Howdy everyone~
So, I have just started senior year, and it's a little bit overwhelming. With what I'm doing, I'm going to finish in one semester, and then it's off to college for me. Ain't that exciting? Yeah, that's what I thought too. Haha.

Soo, now I speak of my cross stitch projects.
I finally picked Blue Rose back up, it was hard though because of all confetti I knew that was coming. But I love how she stitches up, so I gave in and just worked on her. Not to mention I needed to work on her because she's one of my stitch-a-longs.
Then I worked a bit on SK Ice Wind. She's my other SAL, and I adore the pattern. I almost have two rows done on her, because I work in 400 block squares. Dunno why, just find it easier I guess. Hehe.

Here's pics~
Blue Rose is first, and then there's Ice Wind beneath it.

Well, I'm off to finish school for today. Then hopefully I'll get to stitch a bit. If not, well~ then I'll just work on my stories. Hehe.


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