Thursday, September 8, 2011

Holly Angel and Research Projects

Hey everyone! What do ya know, I finally pulled Miss Holly Angel out and worked on her last night. Got quite far on her, at least in my opinion. I have the rest of the top row and I'm half way done with the page, but I started going down the column as well because it was just biiiiggg blocks of color. xD

On another note, I'm in Economics this year, and the first thing I have assigned is a research project. On the Stock Market. The stock market, of all things. TT_TT So that's going to be seriously eating up my time. /sigh/ Not to mention I'm auditioning for Oliver as my "final project" for senior year. Oh boy. Life is going to be hectic this semester.

At least I'll get some time to stitch tonight and this weekend. ^_^ Yay for house sitting!

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