Monday, September 19, 2011

School; Why Art Thou So Hard?

So, I officially feel like I got run over by a bus a couple hundred times. School is killing me, and sucking the inspiration to do anything right out. Senior year = not fun at all. I can hardly find time to stitch now and I really wanted to get a page finish on Holly soon. I pulled out Stolen though, in hopes that the simpleness of it would help me relax... yeah... that didn't work so well. I was stuck remembering "oh yeah, I screwed up really bad on this pattern. Fail." and thus I spent my evening trying to fix it. -.-

Other than that now, I'm behind in practically everything for school. Blarg, death to school. I think the only thing I'm not behind in is Government and Econ, and that's because I forced myself to get my butt into gear. I guess it's time for me to do that on the other five classes I'm taking too. /sigh/

Ah well, here's to a semester of hellish classes and high school drama via online schooling. Oh boy my work is cut out for me...

Ta-Ta for now~


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